How Perspective Changes Everything In Your Life
Story by Amazing Perspective @amazperspective

Meet Rachel Renock, CEO + Creative Director at Hatch Inc

This is a story about a fascinating business, but it’s also about a fascinating woman behind her brand. Her passion for humanity, her perspective on life, and how we gain mindful perspective is why we need businesses like hers. It’s also why we need people like her at the helm of organizations, so we give rise to positive company cultures, and make positive impacts on people and communities. And in turn, we spark positive ripple effects around the world.

Rachel Renock - Founder of HatchHer name is Rachel Renock. She is the CEO and Creative Director of Hatch, the first cause conscious freelance platform that was built specifically to connect nonprofits with freelancers who are interested in getting involved with and giving back to good causes and movements they care about. It bridges the gap between the resource disparities nonprofits face everyday by connecting them with creatives in advertising, design, development, and production.

This idea began when she worked on a socially conscious advertising project for Hershey called Project Peanut Butter. Coming up with solutions and marketing tactics for that kind of organization lit a fire in her. And from then on, she made it her mission to work on social good projects on the side to keep that momentum going. But when searching, she found there wasn’t a single source out there that gave her the access she wanted to those types of organizations and projects, so she created it herself with Hatch.

Before handing in her two weeks at her full-time corporate job (yes, she bravely quit her job to focus 100% of her energy on Hatch), she and her team spent the summer of 2016, nights and weekends, and every coffee break in between, building it, learning about the industry, and forging crucial relationships with freelancers and nonprofits to launch the beta version in October 2016.

“I remember the day that I put in my two weeks. I remember the feeling that I got that I was able to work on this full time. And that has followed me to this day now, and the feeling that I could wake up on Monday morning and work on something that was my blood, sweat, and tears.”

Today she has over 100 organizations and over 600 freelancers who are actively engaged in her community. She’s now focused on forming investor relationships to raise money for this amazing organization she and her team are working to grow.

“Every challenge has a solution. It just takes a little bit of time and a little wiggling to figure out how to get around those obstacles. But what can I say about quitting my job and doing something that I care so deeply about. It’s been an amazing journey, and even to have the privilege to be able to do that. To have the family that supported me and to have the job before that allowed me to have a savings account that enabled me to do this…I have never been so grateful. It’s hard, but fulfilling.”

She’s been on teams and has helped create some of the most iconic marketing and advertising campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world: CoverGirl, Hershey and K-Y. And because of her work in advertising, she’s currently a finalist for Google and The Ad Club’s Young Innovator Award, an award that is all about excellence and innovation by young professionals who are making their marks in advertising, marketing and media.

What’s more, Rachel has a special kind of empathy she found (and shares with me) once she stepped into her own truth. She radiates that truth in sharing her story. She talks about how she’s using that energy to build an incredible community of social do-gooders, and to create a business that is more than just a money generating entity, but a positive force for good.

Watch her story. Aside from the business logistics of how to plan for and implement your business idea, and how to build relationships with investors to raise capital for your idea, she shares how her new found perspective helped her shape her business. She also shares what you can do to gain a new perspective, how she quit her job so she could harness all of her energy into creating a community she absolutely believes will positively change an industry and the way we do business with nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, and how perspective is more than just an empty word, but a constant energy that can change your life and comfort you in times when you feel lost and hopeless.

Rachel Renock - Founder of Hatch


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