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Each year we set lofty and sometimes vague lists of goals we’d like to achieve throughout the year. But for me, they seem to get lost in translation, and I never seem to accomplish 100% of what I set out to do. What if we came up with just a one-word resolution for 2017? How would that change our lives and the way we approach goals?

I decided to try something new for the coming 2017 year. I’m focusing on only one word. A word that invokes a feeling that continues leading me toward my overall vision. With everything I’ve accomplished in my life so far, I strongly believe our feelings are tied to how we show up in our lives and therefore, what we accomplish in life. Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapy instructor, Robert Stone says:

“Feelings reinforce creativity. Humans enjoy creativity. Our brains have evolved the marvelous capacity to interweave many different sensory inputs and to register their emerging patterns. These patterns can evoke other patterns we have stored as images, fantasies and memories. The mixing of patterns can generate “super-patterns” that can be fashioned into new images and linked together into new narratives. Language and movement provide avenues for conveying these narratives into the world, where they can stimulate and gather responses that fuel the evolving creative process.

Feelings motivate and guide this creative process at each step. Furthermore, all of this is enjoyable — whether at the level of a child’s impromptu game or at the level of planning the weekend or developing a business strategy.”

My word is LOVE: to cultivate more love for myself and others, and to love what I do and do what I love everyday. My intention is that I continue building genuine friendships and relationships, bringing more love in the world, and developing  a dedicated Amazing Perspective community.

So let’s do this together. I brought in some friends from CSI (Centre for Social Innovation – NYC) to share their words with me and what they hope to accomplish in 2017. What’s your one-word resolution for 2017?

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