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Meet Keith Friedlander, Founder of Virtueconomy

Discovering your human potential is the magical moment we live for, and Keith Friedlander may have discovered the secret remedy. Keith is a jack of all trades who’s mastering the art of cultivating an ecosystem for good.

He’s funneling his years of sports coaching, mentoring children, tutoring high school math, leading his rugby team to win a silver and goal medal at the Maccabiah Games, and his experience building Trivia College (a sports trivia mobile app dedicated to supporting the nonprofit world), into creating Virtueconomy. Virtueconomy is a new concept that’s redefining how we support social enterprises and nonprofit organizations that are advancing humanity and protecting our world.

He is also the very first guy I’ve interviewed for Amazing Perspective, and he brings it with his thoughtful responses and tangible advice. Born in South Africa and raised on the beaches of Australia, he uprooted and transplanted from Sydney to New York City to start a new life.

Keith Friedlander Virtueconomy

That move led to the realization that he could use his “white male privileged background” to support women entrepreneurs, empower women and women-owned enterprises through a new type of business. Virtueconomy is more than just your average company that donates money to nonprofits. Rather it teaches and provides critical resources to the nonprofit organizations who don’t have access to the capital they need and haven’t figured out the best model to grow and sustain themselves.

He’s working to provide creatives who believe in the mission of Virtueconomy and the nonprofit partners he supports with jobs, and to be part of socially conscious and impactful projects. He’s doing his part to close the gender gap as it pertains to pay, resources, and opportunities for women and women of color to build and expand their businesses and organizations. And he’s providing a way for consumers to get involved with and support nonprofits that could invariably affect our lives.

Through his story, Keith teaches us that even when you have to pivot from an original idea, there’s still room to grow into what you originally envisioned, and that even when it feels hard, to lean into the infinite potential you possess to stay committed to your dream.

Watch his story and hear what he has to say about being in the midst of building and cultivating an incredible community of businesses, nonprofits, creatives, and consumers to improve the world we live in. Listen to what he has to say about recognizing opportunity, following your intuition to completely change your life and possibly an entire industry with just one idea, and why it’s so important to stay true to yourself to accomplish your goals, and leverage perspective to live an incredible life.

“You hear stories first hand of people who have come from nothing (or come from everything), but manage to channel  that into something bigger, and as a result can amplify that through and affect a lot more people through it. So human potential – I believe everything’s possible.”

Keith Friedlander Virtueconomy

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