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Meet Kahshanna Evans, Founder of Kissing Lions Public Relations

Kahshanna Evans is this divine being who radiates uncanny wisdom. She was meant to nurture and guide people to speak their truths and tell their stories in the most creative and unique ways possible.

She stumbled into wellness and public relations after working as a high fashion model for both print and the runway for over a decade. With Kissing Lions Public Relations, her boutique media hub she founded five and a half years ago, she found a way to merge being well and storytelling under one roof.

Kahshanna Evans Kissing Lions Public Relations

Her message is loud and clear: tell a story that’s as unique as your business in order to grow, but also check in with yourself to get centered and focused so you operate from your highest, most innovative self.

And if that means sipping tea or a mimosa, or coaching you through a creative exercise that opens you up to new ideas, she has those tools to help you find your ground while also building a name for your company, which I think has been her secret sauce in helping to groom and make brands like Punto Space and a private tech project that featured Wyclef Jean a success.

Kahshanna Evans Kissing Lions Public Relations

Who wouldn’t want her on their team? She’s worked (she works) in some of the most coveted industries: from wellness, tech, and fashion, to film and television, and music and entertainment. And she currently writes for Huffington Post and Industry Rules Magazine, and has an affinity for approaching brands from a holistic perspective.

One of the things I like most about Kahshanna is her openness to share the lessons she’s learned along her journey, and the challenges she faces in her personal life and as an entrepreneur. She has a knack for unpacking those issues, examining them at the root, and working through them to refine and improve her life and her business, which spills over into helping the clients under what she calls, her “Kissing Lions Zen Den”.

Her story is invaluable – she shares some of the most heartfelt words of wisdom, like how to nurture patience when you want everything now, what it takes to find your passion when you have no idea what you want to do, and what it’s like working in an industry that’s constantly evolving and being disrupted by new technologies. She dishes on what it was like working as a model, and she shares her perspective on life and taking on the personal obstacles we face when going after and making some of the toughest decisions in our lives.

“How you find your own passion: you have to listen to yourself. Oftentimes we’re trying to force ourselves to be successful based on what everyone told us success looks like. It looks like a banker. It looks like a lawyer. It looks like three MBAs, and graduating with honors, which oftentimes it is, and that’s incredible. But you have to look at what you’re already doing. If you’re not sure what it is, the first thing that you need to ask, or have an intention for, is clarity.”

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